Boston Report for 2012/2013

Kathryn Hannon
Mary Lyman, RSCJ 

Membership List:
Aileen Callahan
Cathy O’Conor    (late 1990’s—one of the original 4 Boston Associates)
Dottie Scotten    
Judy Szcaeblowski
Rosemary Hobson
Susan Madden
Kathryn Hannon, co-coordinator
Karlen Wannop
Suki Choi
(All have been Associates for at least 10 years.)

RSCJ working consistently with the group:
Mary Lyman, RSCJ
Justine Lyons RSCJ
El MacLellan RSCJ
Jane O’Shaughnessy RSCJ

October 2012:  Mary Lyman, “The Triple Marian Heritage of the Society”
(Our Lady of Sorrows, Mater, Immaculate Heart)

November 2012:  “For All the Saints”:  A group reflection on Philippine and all the saints in our lives

December 2012:   El MacLellan, RSCJ:  Sophie’s Birthplace and Early Life

January & February 2013:  No meetings due to snow and illnesses

March 2013:      Jane O’Shaughnessy, RSCJ:  “The International Dimensions of the Society” (drawn from experience in Philippines and in Probation)

April 2013:     Mary Lyman RSCJ:  The Gifts of the Spirit in our Lives  (Group Reflection)

May and June, 2013:  Liturgies for Sophie’s Feast and Feast of the Sacred Heart